Message from Director of Schools

Warmest greetings to all! Welcome back to a brand-new year.

This year’s focus is ‘Know me. Affirm me. Nurture me.’ Through this, we hope to understand the unique profile of each student better and cater more effectively to their needs. By affirming our students, we hope to build their confidence and in turn promote positive motivation for them to succeed and follow their dreams. We know our students of Berkeley are worthy and capable of great things. We want our students to also be nurtured well and develop in themselves our INSPIRE values of Integrity, Network, Self-disciplined, Passion, Initiative, Respect, Empowerment. This is our Berkeley experience. Where educating our student’s centres on the belief that each student is unique and their individual abilities differ widely.

We are also guided by the principles of Positive Education and will be continuing with the emphasis on building positive relationships, a culture of care and the growth mindset. We want our students to build positive relationships with their friends and teachers, take positive actions in their learning by being self-directed learners and use positive language to affirm one another.  

Exciting things await our students this year. When our students return to school, they will experience our new programme. The programme aims to give our students an opportunity to get to know their peers, teachers and expectations in order to set the right tone before lessons begin.

We are pleased to note that the majority of students were posted to schools that were their first choice. We wish them well in their journey ahead! 

Our school’s operations team has also worked tirelessly during the holidays to ensure that the school is safe and ready for our students. Our teachers and staff have always placed safety as a top priority and I would like to thank them for all their hard work in getting the school and its spaces ready for the students. 

I am confident that with the continued support of our valued stakeholders, the unwavering dedication of the staff in Berkeley and our commitment to provide the Berkeley experience, our students will truly live up to being a gracious community of passionate learners and confident leaders. 

I look forward to another year of meaningful partnerships with all our stakeholders as we work hand in hand to provide the best learning experiences for our children.

Your partner-in-education,

Chea Neang Eng

Director of Schools