School Fees


Parents, guardians and students can find our school fee at the link below: 

Berkeley School Fee 2024-2025

  • Application FeeA one-time fee that is required for all students who apply to cover administrative costs.

  • Enrollment FeeA one-time charge for new students who have been accepted. Payment must be made in full by the first payment date. The enrolment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Capital FeeAn annual fee required of all students and covers the cost of maintaining and upgrading the school campus facilities. This fee must be paid in full by the first payment date and is a non-transferable charge. Students enrolling for the second semester will be charged 50% of the annual fee.

  • Additional Fees shall be charged for study materials, school uniforms or accordingly to any other services that students acquire.

  • Sibling Discount: The second child –10%and consecutive younger sibling(s) -15%.

All fees are non-refundable nor transferable. The fees will be paid annually, semester and term.